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 1.6.x & 1.4.1 LINKS

Throughout this website you will find pairs of links labeled "1.6.x" and "1.4.1".  Click here for a brief explanation on our Help page.


CELESTIA's clock displays Coordinated Universal Time, UTC.  Click here for a brief explanation.

Humankind is destined for the stars!  But WHY WAIT?

A continuing adventure through the vastness of space and time awaits you!



"One of the easiest free downloads ever!"

You can download the latest version of CELESTIA  here.


Here is all you need to do to get started using CELESTIA.  It's easy!

  1. Download CELESTIA as noted above.  It really is absolutely free!  No strings attached!
  2. Install CELESTIA.  Here are a few helpful  tips from our Tips page.
  3. Run CELESTIA.
  4. To find out just how easy CELESTIA can be to use, take the  Introductory Journeys  which are on our Learning Center page.

OKAY!  You are ready to venture where no one has before!

You are also ready to use any of the exciting  1.6.x and 1.4.1 Links  on this site!

May your journeys be joyous!


SkyMarvels™ is an award-winning, family-friendly site created to . . .

1.) make all persons aware of
the true marvels in our sky,

2.) encourage and inspire
all persons to observe
them on a regular basis,

3.) provide resources that will
facilitate your observations,

4.) educate by offering the latest
scientific insights into the
sky marvels you observe, and

5.) allow you, through highly
realistic 3-D simulations, to "visit"
the sky marvels you observe: planets, stars, galaxies and more!

This is a unique, exciting time in history!  Having taken our first cautious steps into space, humankind stands poised for the colossal leap outward to the planets and beyond!  Probably our own children, and certainly our children's children, will set foot on other worlds!  And some of you who visit us here at SkyMarvels™ may be young enough (and lucky enough) to be among the first!

At SkyMarvels™, we believe that it is no exaggeration to say that . . .

. . . the sky holds the key to
the future of humankind!

And so we hope that this site, and others like it, will help unlock the sky's countless marvels and provide a way to share them with everyone.


A quick answer is that CELESTIA is free, startlingly realistic, astronomy-simulation software for home computers.  But this statement hardly does CELESTIA justice.

CELESTIA is an incredible "animation and visualization engine" which simulates our universe in photo-realistic detail!  What's more, it recreates the universe NOT JUST in 2-D pictures, but in stunning 3-D!  You are immersed in the cosmos, free to trek anywhere to visit real worlds!  Orbit these worlds; land on them; examine what the sky looks like from their surfaces!  Return to them time and again!  Visit other bodies like planets, moons, stars; or visit nebulae and galaxies!  Even visit intriguing small asteroids like potato-shaped "Ida"!

 © 2010-13 "SkyMarvels.com".
Copying NOT permitted!

CELESTIA is far more than static maps and 2-D pictures of the cosmos; it is the dynamic 3-D universe in its endless "clockwork" motion!

The developers of CELESTIA are often applauded for making it is as scientifically accurate as possible.  But they do stretch current science enough so that, yes, you CAN travel faster than light in CELESTIA.  (Sorry, Mr. Einstein.)  In fact, CELESTIA's hyperlinks allow you to travel billions of light years in under a second!  Moreover, you can speed up, slow down or reverse time, and even brighten the "un-lit" halves of planets and many other bodies, in order to give you the best views of countless spellbinding events.

CELESTIA is so visually arresting, and its animations are so engaging, that—when we try to describe it all—we run out of superlatives!  Language fails us because we discover new wonders CONSTANTLY!

Here's a quick video that shows what you can do with CELESTIA!

Of course, one of the wonders about all of this is that CELESTIA is free!  Chris Laurel, the talented creator of the original version, opted to make it "open source" to give the entire world the freedom to use and help improve it.  Over the past decade, other quite capable programmers (listed on our  Credits  page) have also contributed their know-how to enhance CELESTIA.

But here's another wondrous thing about CELESTIA: you are not limited only to the improvements periodically coded into newer versions by its development team!  Chris and the team designed CELESTIA to be expandable!  And "customize-able!"  CELESTIA's "open architecture" allows you to make your own additions, and the developers encourage you to do so!  For example, you can create your own stars, planets, moons, even artificial satellites!  If you want to change how a planet, moon, asteroid, star or satellite looks, you can create a different surface for it!  Likewise, you can create your own separate "mini-programs" called "scripts" to run "inside" of CELESTIA.  Built into CELESTIA are 2 scripting languages: CELX (which is more powerful and geared toward experienced programmers) and CEL (which is notably easy to learn and to use.)  It is literally no exaggeration that a child with average intelligence can quickly write a CEL script to take you to the Moon and back!  Or to Pluto and back!  Or to . . .

Moreover, Chris Laurel has explained on CELESTIA's Forums that basically all add-ons and scripts that you create with standard releases of CELESTIA are your own intellectual property!  (You can visit our  Legal  page for more details.)  So, for example, you are free to make animations in CELESTIA and fashion them into a TV show if you wish!  (If you do, we hope you will include CELESTIA and its developers in your credits.)

What power!  CELESTIA is no toy!  Yet it can be every bit as fun and engaging as one!  In fact, CELESTIA is not only fun; it's absolutely inspiring!

If you havn't downloaded CELESTIA yet, you are missing out on truly awesome explorations.  Even more, you're missing out on "half of the fun" of this site!  To discover why,   click here and learn about SkyMarvel.com's 1.6.x & 1.4.1 links.


You are encouraged to download the free CELESTIA software.  You may use it in your classes yourself, and you are free to distribute it to your students.

CELESTIA quickly engages young and old alike with its stunning simulations, and it will introduce students to far more than you might imagine.  For example, with its "Location Labels" feature, CELESTIA also helps teach geography!  And this is not just for Earth, but for our Moon, other major planets and many of their moons as well!

Surely most of us would like to see more students finding inspiration in the marvels of true science, and spending a little less time on mindless video games.  In one of your classes, have you noticed a potential Einstein or Curie who just needs a little help in the right direction?

Download  this amazing free software today!

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Using CELESTIA, you can make awesome animations like this with ease!

If you've never experienced CELESTIA's multiple views, you're in for a visual feast of dazzling treats!

. . . yes, you CAN travel "faster than light" in CELESTIA!  (Sorry, Mr. Einstein.)


SkyMarvels™ is not just
your guide to the sky; it is
your spaceship to the stars!

SkyMarvels™ lets persons of all ages and backgrounds discover (and "experience") the countless marvels unfolding in our sky and our universe every day!  Moreover, it lets you immerse yourself in these marvels with far more realism (and "fun") than you might ever have imagined!

These are thrilling times for the science of astronomy!

Astronomers are unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos at an unprecedented pace!  In addition, newly emerging insights can now be shared almost immediately and in increasingly creative, understandable and inspiring ways.  The goal of SkyMarvels™ is to do exactly that.

While many websites are little more than "books on the net", SkyMarvels™ can instantly immerse you in a 3-D universe that teems with authentic and dynamic alien worlds!

You see, in addition to providing sky maps and sky-observing tools, SkyMarvels™ enhances the incredible free astronomy-simulation software CELESTIA, which lets you journey in startingly realistic 3-D to:

over 100,000 stars!
over 330 extrasolar planets!
over 10,000 galaxies!
over 100 globular clusters!

And in our own Solar System, voyage to:

the 8 major planets!
the 5 IAU-designated dwarf planets!
over 160 moons!
over a dozen asteroids!
4 comets!
5 historic satellites (Hubble, the Space Station, Mir, Galileo and Cassini)!

And you can augment this impressive list of astronomical objects to include over 2 million stars and much more!  Add more moons, asteroids, comets, nebulae, even man-made satellites!  Add them yourself for free!  It's amazing!

What is even more amazing is just how easy SkyMarvels™ makes it for anyone to find, journey to and explore these exotic, alien worlds!  You see, SkyMarvels™ is a gateway to the universe "for all" persons (young and old, novice and expert)!  So, regardless of your age or your level of experience with astronomy, be ready for discovery and adventure of the highest order!

CELESTIA also lets you operate in "spaceship mode"!  So you can orbit stellar systems and even land on planets, moons, asteroids, comets and more!

To us, it seems that most astronomy fans fall into two categories: those passionate about "real sky observing" with capable telescopes, and those who would rather simulate events on their computers.  Here at SkyMarvels™ we strive to bridge the two!  We believe that "real sky observing" and computer simulation go hand in hand, each complementing the other.

If you are raring to get started right away with CELESTIA, check out  Quick Start  at left

If CELESTIA is completely new to you, our  Learning Center  page will help you begin exploring the cosmos as quickly as you can.  Meanwhile, our  Tips  page will help you get the most out of CELESTIA.  It lets you in on various secrets that the experts utilize to "super-charge" their experiences in CELESTIA!  And don't forget our  Help  page.  It furnishes a wealth of background about both CELESTIA and SkyMarvels™.

Our  Bonuses  page gives you scripts and add-ons that let you effortlessly find and view events like solar and lunar eclipses!  They reveal the mysteries of the universe with startling clarity and vary from simple utilities to the equivalents of full-fledged applications!  If you've never experienced CELESTIA's multiple views, you're in for a visual feast of dazzling treats that spans the length and breadth of the cosmos!

In addition, our  Sky-Gifts  page lets you know how you may obtain beautiful downloadable high-resolution astronomy posters and more!  These make wonderful gifts for the holidays or birthdays!

If humankind is destined for the stars, do you really want to wait?  NO WAY!  Your never-ending scientific adventure through space and time has already begun!  And SkyMarvels™ and CELESTIA will be your guides, making it enormously rewarding (and "fun") all along the way!

May your journeys be joyous!

Here's another awesome video that was made completely with CELESTIA.