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Some images, processed for inclusion on this site, are derived directly from NASA photos and are so credited.  Images used here from the running of CELESTIA are not individually credited, though in most cases NASA photos are their sources also.  View NASA's copyright policy on their website.

(image source: NASA photo)


The balance animation at the top right of this page and the handcuff image at the top of this column are derived from images from CorelDRAW® 9, which are protected by copyright laws of the US, Canada, and elsewhere, and are used here under license.  The same is true of the small telescope image used in "celeSTARrium" and the compass image used in its manual.  These images are for viewing on this website and in "celeSTARrium" only and may not be saved or downloaded for any purpose.


Except as declared herein, on our  Credits  page, or explicitly within a product—this website, its products and all components are singly and collectively: © 2007- , Gary M. Winter.  All rights reserved.


SkyMarvels™ is the new name for the site originally known as Celestia4All.

The following names and unique spellings are declared as trademarks: "SkyMarvels", "celestia4all", "Celes-Tools", "Unlocking CELESTIAL Secrets" and "celeSTARrium".  All rights reserved.

NOTE: SkyMarvels™, its script and add-on products, and their components, ARE NOT free software.  Likewise, its downloadable posters, and their components, ARE NOT free.  Just as you may utilize an "open source" word processor to write a novel which is inherently your own intellectual property, this site, its script and add-on products, its downloadable posters, and their components, are the intellectual property of Gary M. Winter.  They are not governed by the GNU Public License, but instead are governed by the "Plain-Talk" License Agreement below.

Because CELESTIA comes with absolutely NO warranty, SkyMarvels™ likewise offers NO warranties for its products or their components.  See our "Plain-Talk" License Agreement below.


The SkyMarvels™ website is wholly owned and operated by Gary M. Winter (DBA Gary Winter Design Group, Longwood, Florida, USA), who is totally responsible for its content.  SkyMarvels™ and Gary M. Winter are not affiliated in any way with CELESTIA or its authors, and are not responsible for any consequences which may result from your use of CELESTIA.

Wherever the term SkyMarvels™ is used in this website, it represents the site's owner.

While our best efforts are made to keep the information on this website accurate and up-to-date, SkyMarvels™ makes no claims, commitments or guarantees whatsoever with regard to its content, and expressly disclaims all liability for incompleteness, inapplicability, or "errors and omissions" for anything this site may contain.

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(Effective date: September 1, 2012)

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Questions:  If you have any questions regarding the terms of our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.


Material produced by U.S. government agencies is identified (credited) on the pages where it appears.  Such material in its original form is not subject to copyright protection within the United States, though the alteration, enhancement, inclusion in another work, or adaptation for another work may be subject to copyright.  The information on government web pages is in the public domain and not subject to copyright protection within the United States unless specifically annotated otherwise (though copyright may be held elsewhere). Foreign copyrights may apply.

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CELESTIA is free software and comes with absolutely no warranty.

Authors: Chris Laurel, Clint Weisbrod, Fridger Schrempp, Christophe Teyssier, Grant Hutchison, Pat Suwalski, Toti, Da Woon Jung, Hank Ramsey and Bob Ippolito.

CELESTIA 1.6.x (1.6.0, 1.6.1 etc.)

Copyright © 2001-2011, Celestia Development Team

CELESTIA is free software and comes with absolutely no warranty.

Authors: Chris Laurel, Clint Weisbrod, Fridger Schrempp, Christophe Teyssier, Grant Hutchison, Pat Suwalski, Toti, Da Woon Jung, Hank Ramsey, Bob Ippolito, Vincent Giangiulio and Andrew Tribick.


CELESTIA is freely distributed under the  GNU Public License, which governs how it may be used, modified, redistributed etc.  The license is included in the standard downloads of CELESTIA.


CELESTIA is designed specifically to allow you to create your own add-ons & scripts.  As Chris Laurel has explained from time to time on CELESTIA's Forums, add-ons and scripts created with any standard release of CELESTIA belong to their respective authors.  As these works are separate from CELESTIA, their authors are the owners of their respective copyrights, and you must use and distribute such works only as permitted by their respective authors.  Not all authors choose to release their add-ons and scripts under the GNU Public License, so details are usually included in README files or in the works themselves describing how they may be used and distributed.


Your downloading of and/or use of any of SkyMarvels's script or add-on products, downloadable posters, or any components thereof, hereinafter singly or collectively called the "Product", signifies that you have read and understand this License Agreement, and that you fully agree to be bound by its terms and provisions.

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Printed Copies: You agree that you will not make, and not allow any other person to make, any more printed copies than those specifically enumerated herein.
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