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 1.6.x & 1.4.1 LINKS

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courtesy: NASA

Arecibo Observatory

Bar J Observatory . . . central Florida amateur observatory that discovered the 2010 outburst of U Scorpii.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory

ENO, the European Northern Observatory

ESO, the European Southern Observatory

Herschel Space Observatory
    ESA Herschel Site
    CalTech's Herschel Site
    NASA's Herschel Page

Hubble Space Telescope

Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

Joint Astronomy Centre

Keck Observatory

Lowell Observatory

Mauna Loa Solar Observatory


Palomar Observatory

Paranal VLT Array

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Very Long Baseline Array

Whipple Observatory

Wikipedia's List of Astronomical Observatories
. . . is a good place to start for information on other world observatories.

Yerkes Observatory


Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)
. . . features some of the latest astronomy photos with explainations by experts.  The explanations also prove to be a treat for anyone wishing to stay abreast of our most current understanding of the universe.

ESA's Home Page . . . is the gateway to the European Space Agency's growing efforts in space.

HobbySPACE.com . . . lots of great astro and space links.

(image source: NASA photo)

HUBBLE-Site . . . is singled out here because of Hubble's breakthrough contributions to astronomy!

IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams . . . Do you need to report an astronomical discovery?  This is where to do it.

IAU Minor Planet Center . . . Do you want to add some comets or asteroids or KBO's to CELESTIA?  This is where you can obtain their latest orbital elements.

NASA's Home Page . . . is the grand entrance to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's impressive and sprawling site.  A huge amount of info is available here.

SETI Institute . . . links you to the worlwide "Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence."  If "ET phones home," please let us know.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey . . . links you to one of the most important sky surveys in all of astronomy.

The Solar Explorer . . . hosted by Andy Devey, is an awesome website highlighting his extraordinary work in solar astronomy.  Loads of solar animations!

US Naval Observatory . . . publishes mounds of information with which you can test CELESTIA's accuracy.

Wikipedia's List of Space Agencies . . . may surprise you by how many are listed here.


AAVSO . . . American Association of Variable Star Observers.

Google Sky

SkyView: The Internet's Virtual Telescope
. . . a service of the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA / GSFC for serious sky viewing.

The Sky Live . . . nicely shows where the Sun & planets are in the constellations.

Wikisky or Sky-Map (they're the same site) . . . is an extraordinary sky-viewing site to which you'll return again and again.

WorldWide Telescope


courtesy: NASA-STSci

HUBBLE-Site Gallery

JPL Wallpaper

ESA Space Science Wallpaper


Central Florida Astronomical Society . . . one of the finest astronomical societies in the country.

KSCAA: Kennedy Space Center Amateur Astronomers . . . great group of amateur astronomers who have worked or are still working at the Kennedy Space Center.

Redlands Astronomical Society . . . an outstanding astro-society in Australia.

Skokie Valley Astronomers

Sunset Astronomical Society

The Villages Astronomy Club . . . another club with a stellar reputation.


Astrophotography by Bob & Janice Fera . . . a beautiful portfolio of astro-images.

Astrophotography by Giovanni Benintende
. . . a gorgeous gallery of photos & videos

Astrophotography Beginner's Guide
. . . by Lisa Row

Bill Snyder Astrophotography . . . Astro Image Site among the very best!

Billions and Billions . . . Fine Art Astro-Imaging by Warren Keller



Astronomy Links . . . lots of great links from Clark M. Thomas.

Astronomy Trek

Astronomy Yellow Pages

Bruce McClure's Astronomy Page


DirectoryScience . . . great links to astronomy and space, physics, energy, mathematics, geography, engineering, solar power and more.

ExploreMarsNow . . . presents an Interactive Mars Habitat.

Great Astronomy Links . . . links to some nice astronomy sites and software.

Nature-Explorations . . . exploring connections in the natural world.

Site of Robert Vanderbei . . . presents some great astronomy sims, astrophotography and more.

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CELESTIA Site . . . download the latest versions of CELESTIA here.

CELESTIA Motherlode . . . is a repository of an impressive number of add-ons for CELESTIA, as well as a very good source of background material.

Selden's List of Resources for Celestia . . . is a great collection of background information on how CELESTIA works, with many "pearls" found throughout the site.

Wikipedia's General CELESTIA Page . . . helps introduce you to CELESTIA.

Wikipedia's CELESTIA / CELX Scripting Page  . . . is geared toward programmers who wish to write scripts for CELESTIA in its CELX language.

CelestiaAddons . . . offers free CELESTIA addons.


ChemEd DL . . . awesome chemistry at your fingertips.

Science.gov . . . a gateway to government science info and research results.

Interactive Periodic Tables: . . . here are a few nice ones.  WebElementsPtable  and  The Chemical Universe.

Science Directory . . . provides information and resources of science with links to technology, biology, agriculture, energy, mathematics, chemistry, environment, forensics, space, ecology, geography, computer science.

SCIRUS . . . comprehensive research web-tool with over 545 million scientific items indexed.


We Choose the Moon . . . is an excellent educational experience! Even for those of us who did witness the real Apollo 11 mission, when men first walked on the Moon, this is an awesome, illuminating recreation!

NASA Education . . . your gateway to loads of educational material.

ESA Education . . . another gateway to loads of educational material.

JPL's Basics of Space Flight . . . is a good introduction on this subject for teens and adults.

Great Debates in Astronomy . . . shows that astronomers often disagree.  This is a good site for advanced astronomy enthusiasts.

Canadian Astronomy Education . . . bill's itself as Canada's premier website for astronomy education!

AAS Education Services . . . is the American Astronomical Society's in-depth resource not only for amateur astronomers but also for persons wishing to pursue a career in astronomy or space-related sciences.

Educational Universe of Celestia . . . offers Frank Gregorio's collection of educational lesson plans using Celestia.

Kid Info's Astronomy Page . . . features an impressive list of astronomy sites for educators, students and astro-enthusiasts.  Lots of info here.

Principles of Astronomy . . . where the budding amateur can gain a solid understanding of both observational and academic astronomy.

HobbySPACE.com . . . lots of great astro-educational links.

King's Centre for Visualization in Science: Astronomy Page . . . lots of great Flash features.


OrreryStore.com . . . We sell beautiful brass mechanical ORRERIES (motorized models of the Solar System).  Informative and educational, each is a stylish work of art that will accent any room!


refdesk.com . . . lots of great general info links.